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Bj40 – Vollrestaurierung (Irland)

I had been looking for parts to restore my 1984 Land Cruiser online. I then came across Holger’s ORCM website. After a quick phone call, Holger surprised me by asking to come to Ireland to look at the LC. Naturally I was delighted and within 3 weeks and a handshake we agreed to send the LC to Germany for a full restoration.

The entire process was a very professional, but more than that it was a pleasurable experience, with Holger always ready to answer any questions, talk at any time of the day to make sure that the restoration was to the highest standards. The one experience that stands out for me is the constant updating with pictures of the process from stripping down, showing the remedial work needed ,and finally the completed part.

To me I felt I was also part of the restoration process. The detail and dedication to the quality of the finished LC is incredible, the car is now better than when it left the TOYOTA factory in 1984. It is truly better than new.

When the cruiser was completed, we flew to Germany and spent 2 days with Holger and drove back over 1,200KM to Ireland, the LC never missed a beat. It has passed its yearly motor test in every year with no problems. It is the most reliable car that I have owned.

Derek Irland

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