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Bj42 – 2006 Vollrestaurierung Schweden

I have been looking in Sweden and later also in Germany for almost two years after a Bj 42 in good shape. I could not find one! But via internet I come in contact with Holger Felsch and Off Road Cruiser manufactur. I went to him from Sweden to look on his workshop and talked about his ideas of restoration.

I desided to let him buy a cruiser to renovate. I was visiting the company several times to see what is happen with my car. I was very pleased with his work and professionalism. When the body was mounted on the frame I was in the workshop to see and maybe help to the „wedding“. Now I have had the car for almost five years, and I am very pleased and happy with the car. There have been less problems than with a brand new car. I have had the possibility to talk to Holger Felsch if there has been anything I was wondering about. The car has passed the Swedish TÜV every year without any problem at all. I will strongly recommened Off Road Cruiser Manufaktur to anyone that would like to have such a car refurbished. Holger Felsch is a real enthusiast and is doing a far better job than you can excpect.

Östen aus Schweden

AusgangszustandDemontageMotor/Getriebeeinheit im AusgangszustandHauptrahmenMontageRestauriertes ChassisRestaurierter MotorEndmontageFolie schützt den neuen Lack bei der EndmontageMontage der HecktürenFertig für die Probefahrt 🙂

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