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Toyota BJ42 Restaurierung

BJ42 Österreich

Originalzustand bei AnlieferungDemontage des FahrzeugsBlecharbeitenVerscheißen der neuen KarosserieblecheLackiervorbereitungLackierung der KarosserieDer Toyota BJ42 in neuem Glanz
Toyota fj28 Restaurierung


Zustand bei der Abholung Demontage des Fahrzeugs

Bj42 – Vollrestaurierung Italien

I came in contact with Holger Felsch and OFF Road Cruiser several years ago. Arrived at the age of 45 I have a dream to realize in my life, this dream was from when I was young, I want to get one Land Cruiser BJ ... unfortunately this model was out of production since 1984 ...