We are specialized in the maintenance & restoration of Toyota Land Cruiser of the series

FJ40, BJ40, BJ42, FJ45, BJ45, HJ45 and FJ55

In contrast to our competitors, we are also specialized in their maintenance after more than 30 years of production of Toyota Land Cruisers of the J4 and J5 series.
Since we work only and exclusively with these vehicles, our customers can benefit from this specialization. After more than 12 years of concentrated restoration work of more than 40 vehicles, we have acquired special know-how and skills that are nowhere in Europe so concentrated for Landcruiser J4 / J5.
Due to the high demand, the focus of our activities is now being shifted. ORCM will now mainly offer maintaining restoration work. Frame-off restoration will only be carried out on special requests. Thus the experience of the ORCM can be offered to a wider clientele.
ORCM offers more than just the sale of top-restored Toyota J4 and J5 Land Cruisers – ORCM provides an interactive vehicle service in which the customer is actively involved.
ORCM invites you to the joint individual maintenance of your own Land Cruiser Oldies, whether you have a vehicle or we provide you with a restoration vehicle.



In order to match the high demands of our potential customers, individual service is the unique feature of the ORCM. In addition to the usual services for used cars we offer:

  • Vehicle acquisition upon request
  • Individual consultation on the completion of the J4 Cruiser of your desire
  • Partial or complete restoration of all J4 models
  • High-class workmanship during the reconstruction
  • Individual service when retrofitting the vehicles for biodiesel or liquid gas
  • Training for future owners of ORCM in independent maintenance and easy repair work
  • Off Road Park for special test drives
  • Warranty of one year for all restoration works, except for wearing parts
  • Special requests will be adjusted true to original
  • Detailed documentation on the restored vehicle

The Restoration

The ORCM is a registered German craft enterprise in the automobile industry with a focus on off road technology, especially the Toyota Land Cruisers of the J4 and J5 series.

We carry out complete and partial restorations, individually adjusted to our customers’ wishes. With our longstanding experience we will be your partner – honest and proficient with your regard to your restoration project. Special tasks for restorations carried out by us (such as saddlery, glaziery and paint jobs) will be affected by specialist companies in line with our quality criteria. In general, we put a high value on authenticity.

We document each restoration with photos and texts on a regular basis, the documentation is sent to our customers are sent by e-mail or can be assessed via the customer’s login on our homepage. At the same time, the customers can have an influence on the scope of services.

Our customers are mostly welcome at our garage at any time in order to inform themselves on the current state of their vehicles or to celebrate special events with us, e.g. the „wedding“ (this is when the restored frame gets together with the body).

Our motto is: If the ORCM restores your Land Cruiser, you can pass it on with a clear conscience.

  1. If required: Purchase of a restorable Land Cruiser J4 or J5
  2. Dismounting the vehicle for the inspection of single components: engine including attachment parts, gear including clutch, axles including bearing and brakes, frame including springs and buffer, steering, body, glazing, interiors and their attachment parts
  3. Sandblasting of the body and frame parts
  4. Welding damaged parts of the car body
  5. If required: overhauling the engine upon the recommendation of an external specialist
  6. Exchange of  wearning parts
  7. Repair of mechanical components as agreed upon
  8. Cleaning, preservation, and replacement of damaged components of the cooling water, fuel and exhaust gas systems
  9. Inspection and where necessary, renewal of electrical components, including batteries, starter, generator, the pre-heating system
  10. Preservation of body components with anti-corrosive protection, lubricating, replacement of all liquids, such as cooling water, brake fluid and oils
  11. Repair of damaged parts of the car body and paint work in the original Toyota shade of colour
  12. Assembly of all components, attachment parts and systems
  13. Tests of the restored cars
  14. Presentation of the car at technical inspection agency (TÜV or DEKRA for neutral expertise) – if required vintage car assessment
  15. If required: upholstery, renewal of roof lining

Special services according to customer specification

e.g. purchase and installation of power steering

  • After an on-site inspection – if applicable – the agreed scope of services will be summed up in a cost estimate.
  • For each restoration order there will be one retsoration contract in accordance with German law.
  • For each due date (there are usually 5 = start/delivery, after welding, first paint, wedding, handing over) the customer is sent an invoice including the current VAT.
  • Full restoration takes about 6 months – depending on the condition of the basic vehicle
  • Warranty for the works done by the ORCM is 12 months

Basic vehicles for a restoration will be checked regarding their suitability before starting the restoration.
It is possible to provide us with your own basic vehicle or to have one purchased by ORCM.

All basic vehicles will be dismounted proessionally according to the scope of the necessary restoration.
During dismounting the essential components will be documented and catalogued/assessed.
This assessment does not only serve as guidelines for the ORCM team, but will also be handed over to the car owner for information.
In case of substantial differences regarding the condition of single components there will be a consultation with the owner of the car.

Welding work is the centre-piece of the restoration. The Land Cruisers of the J4 and J5 series do usually not have blatant problems regarding engineering, but more often body parts are prone to rust. We do welding work in a professional way and if required we tin-coat such parts of the car body. If bigger parts of the body are damaged, these will be replaced by re-manufactured parts.

After welding our main focus is on anti-corrosive protection!!

Before dismounting, we generally prefer cleaning the car by means of dry-ice blasting. This ensures non-destructive cleaning of your vehicle. For these tasks we cooperate with one of our trusted specialized companies.

The completely dismounted parts of the body and frame will usually be sand-blasted. We particularly focus our attention on avoiding strong damage and faults of the metals as well as on immediate anti-corrosive protection. This is also done by one of our trusted partners that fulfill our quality standards.

As authentic restoration is most important to us, the paint shop we work with uses Toyota colour shades of the relevant build years without exception.

Professional assembly of the vehicle is the basis for a successful restoration finish. Besides the re-usable parts, overhauled or newly purchased components will be put together. During this phase of the restoration we will meet customer’s specifications regarding extra components. Interior sealing of the vehicle floor with Rhino Linings or seat upholstery in accordance with the original style are among the favourites on the list of customers’ wishes. In most cases, the roof lining will have to be renewed. Specialized companies, which have worked for us for many years, are commissioned and are involved in the assembly.

Special requests such as fitting a winch, power steering, independent vehicle heater and the like are fulfilled during this restoration phase by us in a professional way.

Nicht nur wegen den erstklassigen Arbeiten sondern auch wegen des persönlichen und familiären Kontaktes werde ich den nächsten Landcruiser auch bei ORCM machen lassen; denn eines ist ganz sicher: Fortsetzung folgt!

Günter aus Österreich

I will strongly recommened Off Road Cruiser Manufaktur to anyone that would like to have such a car refurbished. ORCM are real enthusiasts and they doing a far better job than you can excpect.

Östen aus Schweden

When the cruiser was completed, we flew to Germany and spent 2 days with Holger and drove back over 1,200KM to Ireland, the LC never missed a beat. It has passed its yearly motor test in every year with no problems. It is the most reliable car that I have owned.

Derek aus Irland


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