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TOYOTA BJ40 – Vollrestaurierung Italien

Eignerbericht von Stefano aus Italien

FJ55 von StefanoI came in contact with Holger Felsch and OFF Road Cruiser several years ago. Arrived at the age of 45 I have a dream to realize in my life, this dream was from when I was young, I want to get one Land Cruiser BJ … unfortunately this model was out of production since 1984 and it was impossible to find a good one of second hand, almost all cars was old, destroyed, rusty, modified etc.

So I tried to find someone that can restore it completely with passion and professionalism. I tried to look for a company that can restore this car but almost all companies that restore this kind of car were situated in USA but one day  I found out one company in Germany (via Internet). OFF Road Cruiser this company has an owner Mr. Holger Felsch. I immediately contacted him and it was a lucky day.

Now after a few years I can said that Holger makes true not one but three dreams doing for me three great restored cars; one BJ40 green, one BJ42 sky blue and one unique FJ55. But more than cars and dreams I can said to have found in Holger a good friend and a real Professor in Land Cruiser restoration.

Stefano (Italien)

Ursprünglicher Zustand des Fahrzeugs



Aufgearbeitete Karosserie

Aufgebauter Motor



Zufriedene Kunden 🙂

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